बाबा मस्तनाथ जी जीवन गाथा


बाबा मस्तनाथ जी का सम्पूर्ण जीवन चरित 

Nath Siddha Yogi Raj Baba Mastanath ji
Yogiraj Mastanath was the Nath yogi of High Court; Atav told him Nath Siddha is absolutely correct, not only in the Nath community but also in the Yogasiddhas, not only in the fields of Indian Spirituality, they form the great ascetic and yogic form of the period of the second phase of medieval period In his Panchavolic body, Maharaj was present for a whole hundred years. In his time, the religious fanaticism of the capital of Delhi, Aurangzeb, the independence of the subcontinent was becoming a result of the destruction of foreign invasions and the traditional political power of the European companies, as a result of the conspiracy of Hatia. A large part of the country, especially from the northwest, by the invasion of Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Durrani The provinces of Punjab, Haryana etc. were becoming shabby.

In the same Sontvat, in the year 1707 AD, Mastanathji Maharaj took his own divine karma by taking birth in an innovative Gorkha Nath form for the protection of religion; Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana and the land of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, his divine birth Be especially proud of karma. Maharaj played a great role in the dissemination of Natha Yog and in the rendering of Yogasiddhans of Goraxnath ji, Maharaj awakened many people affected by Shivaji Samarth Ramdas and Hindutva sentiment of Guru Gobind Singh, from his divine personality, awaken and satpath in his path. Yogiraj Chauranginath’s Yogodhana and the place of austerity is the glorious Bhumim Memorial of the pride of the bastard Bohar monastery, Mastanath.

Indraprastha, Chandigarh, Rohtak etc. The land area is called Haryana region. This Vaishya Jat, popularly known as Sati Baba Mastanath, is famous in the name of Rewari caste in a wealthy Vaishya family of Sangram village of Rohtak region of Haryana. The person named Sabla was innocent, he was a great devotee and Bhagavadakta. One day, Amritakayi Shivgauraksh Mahyogi Shivgauraksh Nathji, on the river Yamuna, gave him a direct vision; he had a thick colorful hand and I had a harp. Sabla asked for a gift from the son. Gorkha Nathji got disturbed by giving a boon. 1764 V. On the occasion of Shiv Pujan, one of the forests in the forest, Sablah under the tree and its woman was acquired as a Divine child of one year, the masts of Manthanath attained. Mother-father sacrificed her methodical birth, son’s fame Celebrated the birth anniversary. The origin of Mastanath was divine, it was undoubtedly the generous result of the Mahayogi Gorakhnath’s philosophy and grace.

Baba Mastanath ji’s child leela
At ten years of age, Mastanath started to be uninterested in homework and played with the children, to overcome his indifference, parents moved him into Gopalan, he would have great pleasure in feeding the cow with the children in the forest. He started his extortional leprosy slowly. In the forest, they used to feed cow and used to play with the boys and at the same time they would have been playing with their companions in the village. This thing has not been hidden for a long time. Sometimes they were surprised to see the father playing with the village boys by sending them to the forest for grazing cow. They thought that the mind of Mastanath was not in grazing cow, but the surprise grew when such a condition was being eaten in the cow forest itself. One day they went to the forest themselves and saw that Mastanath was engaged in the rearing and when the village came back to see them, nothing could be understood. Sabla, according to the grace of Goraksh Nath Ji, had kept Amit venerated towards him and in his heart there was growing respect and respect for Mastanath.

To inform Vairag and Yogi Brahmins in their own way
At the age of twelve years, on the mind of Mastanath, the color of vairag began to climb. He used to take solitude in forests and ponds on the river banks, while taking solitude and taking solitude, sometimes used to sit in a cave and sit in silence. They have begun in life as a willful fisherman and Brahmachari. Parents have not kept any shortcomings in their upbringing and care. A dancer Brahmann used to reside near the house of Mastanath, he used to meditate on the Lord after being absorbed in Japa Dhian. Mastanath presented him with his yoga virtue. He appeared in his young Avadhoota, in the Jata Vibhuti vaibhit throat, like Saili etc. At the same time, besides the vision of Mastanath, many Yogis started appearing. Brahman was loyal to his father in the Divine form of his father, Mastanath, who asked him (with Mastan) who is the yogi who gave his vision to Brahmaan. The father experienced the glory of Goddess Siddhisampan Mastanath ji.

Guru initiation
One day, on his residence, the father of the famous saint Naramai arrived, on his step, the father dedicated Mastanath by invisible legislation. Mastanath said that I am dedicated to the service of Shri Nath Ji in your life. Narami said that God’s thinking is the ultimate necessity, not only being sensual, but the real rebellion arises Naramai has made Mastanath a condition of 24 years In the form of initiation of yoga mantra, he accepted as a disciple. Mastanatha I got into a cult by being coaxed and carrying the coil and engaged in meditation.

Ii cult
I belonged to the cult and told to be part of the Bhootatai sect, both were disciples of Goraksa Nath ji. In the Ii cult, worship of ‘Shakti-i’ (mother is said in mother tongue) is worshiped.

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