Ruin of the Baba Mastnath Math

The law of nature is that everything is subject to decay with the passage of time. Between the thirteenth and eighteenth century this math – the abode of penance of Yogi Chorangi Nath fell on evil days. This Math could not sustain its old glory and prestige. It was almost in ruin and decrepit in the intervening period. Much details are not available which may throw light on its ruin. Legend has it that once Baba Mast Nath during his wanderings landed at Asthal Bohar Math. He was Aughar then and had not become Darshni. During those days, discipleship of Chorangi Nath known as Paad-Panthi would live here. According to the Nath tradition, a guest was given full honour for three days and no work was entrusted to him. Violating the norms of the Math ,l’aad-Panthi Sadhus asked Mast Nath to fetch grass from the nearby fields for the horses because he was Oughar. Mastnath asked them to bring the whole or leave part of it. But he did not get any reply to it. Thereafter, he went to collect the grass for the horses. After sometime the Sadhus saw that the bundle of grass being carried by Mast Nath was about three feet above his head. This miracle by Mast Nath was seen as a sign of his being an adept yogi. When he was relieved of the bundle, one yogi asked him whether he had removed the whole grass or left some part ofTo this Mast Nath replied, “I have left two and a half.” This was a code word employed by Mast Nath. Saying this, Mast Nath left the Ashram without taking any food. Siddhis (adept Sadhus) understand the language of the Siddhis. The yogi who put the question was very adept. This meant that only two and a half Sadhus will remain, the rest will face death. Legend has it that this majestic math got ruined because of the curse of Mast Nath. Only two and a half yogis remained to keep the pious eternal light (Jyoti) burning. It is said that eighty four or three hundred sixty palanquins engaged in spreading religious teachings remained a mere dream only.


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