Mastana under the tutelage of Narmai Nath

There lived a Brahmin in village Khairanti well versed in Ved  Purans. He had a religious bent of mind. He was awake the whole night praying to God. At midnight, the Brahmin saw the bonfire in the courtyard of Sabla. Mastana was seated along with other disciples with ash-smeared body and kundals (ear-ring) hanging down the ears. At that moment, the Brahmin called his neigh- bour. All witnessed that there was bonfire in the courtyard of Sabla where the Sadhus were in meditation. The Brahmin also  infonned Sabla of the matter. The Brahmin and Sabla sat under a tree and saw the happening in the house of the latter. Sabla called out his son and took him in the lap. When questioned, Mastana pleaded his ignorance. He added that the learned persons mightbe knowing this illusion or Maya. Sabla started thinking that they might be some extra terrestrial beings. Sabla called a meeting of the elders and apprised them of the miracles pertaining to Mastana like grazing the cattle in the fields and the incident of the Brahmin witnessing the saints doing penance in the courtyard at midnight, bringing rain fall etc. Considering that outlandish are the ways of the child, it was decided by the elderly persons that this child be entrusted to some saint. Search was made for the Saint. After all, they found one well reputed Saint named Narmai. He Was well versed in yogic art. With kundals hanging down the ears, ash-smeared body, locks of hair, the Saint sat under th shade of a tree. The villagers requested the Saint to make Mastana his disciple. But the Saint did not consent. Then Mastana requested with folded hands to make him a disciple. He said, “I have come to seek shelter. You alleviate the sufferings of all. Please rid me  of the cycle of birth and death.” After hearing the kind words, the Saint said, “you are Wise. Wellness be bestowed upon you. Cursed are those human bings who do not remember God and remain involved in mundane matters. He is unfortunate who has led a life of indulgence. One should have good company in order to follow the right path.” Namai Nath made him his disciple by having his hair cut. He was christened as Mast Nath. He gave him blessing. This happened in Samvat 1776. Sabla having been blessed by Namai Nath left for home. Mast Nath remained in the service of his guru by the age of twelve. In Samvat 1788, Namai Nath reached Pehowa – a religious place. Mast Nath had his ear adorned with kundal as ordained by his guru Namai Nath. This ceremony of adormnent of kundal is of  great sanctity and is observed to get initiated into the Nath Sect. To become an ascetic is not a cake walk. Rather it amounts to tread a difficult path.To achieve the goal of self realization, one has to suppress the desires and control the senses. Craving is the root cause of our entanglement into the endless Web of suf- fering. One should not seek God some Where else as Brahma is transcendental and lies in one self.

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