संतों की सेवा का महत्त्व (जो संतों की सेवा करता है उसके जीवन मैं कभी कष्ट नहीं आते )

संतों की सेवा कल्प वृक्ष के समान होती है


Impressed by the satsang of an intelligent great man, 2 persons decided to take their lives on the path of self-improvement. One day, after reaching these great men, he requested: “Gurudev! We want to do our best by offering life in your divine service. Accept us

Those saints should take their exams before making them a pupil. So they asked him to come to a certain time the next day.

On the second day, Santhari was waiting for him. The first person reached Guruji by the time, but an elderly woman found on the road urged to raise the bale of grass and turned down the prayer of a bullock cart driver to get out of the bog, while the other person reached a little delay but was breathing. , The clothes were clothed with crude and he was graciously apologized and apologized.

The first person sat tightly said: “What will the service do not understand the value of time?

His satire was not good to Santhree. They said: “But whoever ignores the opportunities offered by the service, can not understand the pain of others and increase the anxiety of getting dirty of their clothes and undermine the importance of service, which work?

The satirist got to understand his mistake. The second person was appointed by the Santashri to the responsible post in his divine service activities and allowed the first person to arrange temporary shelter to increase their qualifications by service.

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