Goga Peer

There was a king named Zewar of Gaj reda Town in Raj asthan. He

had a queen named Bachhal. She was very beautiful. But she was

upset because she had no offspring. She had a religious bent. of

mind and often engaged in prayer to God. She was kind-hearted.

One day a Sadhu called out ‘Alakh’ at her palace. After receiving

offering from Bachhal, the Sadhu said, “May your son live long.

You may gain immense popularity.” Hearing this, she started

weeping and said,”I have no off-spring. And for this I am quite

perplexed. Please help me out.” At this, the Sadhu said, “This

is the voice of God. Guru Gorakhnath has landed in your town.

Please seek his shelter. He will fulfil your desire.” Hearing this,

she was overjoyed and prepared to go to Gorakhnath. In the mean

while, her maid servant (Bandi) rushed to her and said, “The

dried up well is full of waters. The garden which was quite barren

is all lush green. The trees are laden with fruits. The birds are

chirping. The eye-sight of the gardener has been restored.” the

queen was upbeat that her wish will be granted. She along with

the maid-servant headed to the site where Gorakhnath with his

disciples was in meditation. On reaching there, she lay prostrate

and said, “I am in great distress. Please alleviate my suffering.”

Gorakhnath asked what suffering she had. She said that she was

issueless. Gorakhnath was moved by her repeated requests and

said, “Have patience for some days. Your wish will be granted.”

Tweleve years rolled by and the opoitune time came. Queen

Bachhal was happy. But Kachhal – her sister went to Gorakhnath

surreptitiously and got the substance from him. She attained

motherhood, earlier than Bachhal. Queen Bachhal went to

Goraklmath and greeted him and said, “O! Saviour, Please do

me favour.” At this, Goraklmath got angry and said,”You are

dishonest. Only a few days back, you got the boon for birth of

two sons. You seem to he very greedy.” Queen Bachhal started

weeping and said, “You may not grant me boon. But do not

defame me.

I just came. Seeing you in rage, I have got disheartened,” Gor-

akhnath calmed down and said, “Please tell me who has played

tricks with you,” Queen Bachhal said that she was her younger

sister who resembled her. Gorakhnath then asked how he could

help her as he had nothing to give her.

Queen Bachhal said, “If I go empty handed I will not only be let

down but your boon will prove false either.” Thereupon, Go-

rakhnath thought that if she was not rewarded, it would be his

defeat. He further said. ‘Do not lose heart. Trust in Lord Shiva.

Your wish will he granted.” Saying this, Gorakhnath sat in deep

meditation. He landed at Naglok where he asked the Queen of

Padam Nag for alms. He said “I have blessed the queen Bachhal

with a son, if it does not materialize, my blessings will prove

wrong. And my image will be at its worst. Please lend me the

soul of Padam Nag which wil be returned after some time.” The

Queen ofPadam Nag acceded to his request. Gorakhnath made

googal (Aflatoon) of the soulof Padam Nag and offered to the

queen Bachhal blessing that a brave son would be born to her and

would he worshipped by all. The queen made four parts of the

substance one part was given to a mare, two parts to-maid-servant

and remaining one part was eaten by herself. After 12 months, a

son was born to the queen on the ninth day of Bhadon who was

named Jaharpeer. J aharpeer was the incarnation of Padam Nag.

Later, on, he was known as Gogapeer.

Another legend has it that Gorakhnath persuaded Lord Brahma

to change Bachhal’s destiny in order to grant her a son. Pre-

viously Brahma had refused the request but Gorakhnath hung

himself from a tree, head downwards swinging over a fire, until

the smoke of his burning flesh attracted the notice of Brahma,

who then granted Gorakhnath’s prayer.

The pageant of Goga, known as the Chari Mela, is celebrated at

this time. The chari is sometimes carried by yogis who sing songs

in his honour and beg.

Goga is a disciple of Gorakhnath. He is now worshiped as a

snake-godling as one who has power over snakes and saves his

followers from snake bite. He grants boons especially to barren

women. Goga finally disappeared together with his horse, in the

bowls of the earth.


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