Once, Chorangi Nath was in penance in Asthal Bohar Math. One

Banjara with a Bullock-cart laden with Khaand took rest near

the Ashram. There was dense forest which had a big pond. The

servant ofBanj ara went to the Dhoona (sacred ash) to collect fire.

During conversation, Chorangi Nath asked the servant what the

bags contained. Thinking that if he told the truth,he might ask

for Khand, he lied and said that these contained salt. Chorangi

Nath was an adept yogi. He got to know through divine vision

that he was lying. He transformed all the bags of the Khaand,

into salt by Qccult power. When the Banj ara unloaded the Cart

in the town he found that the bags contained salt. Banj ara asked

his servant how it happened. His servant said, “When I went

to collect fire from the Dhoona (sacred ash) the yogi enquired

about the contents of the bags, he said that these contained salt.

He further said that because of the wrath of the yogi all this hap-

pened. Banjara hurried to Chorangi Nath and falling at his feet

started weeping.

He expressed contrition for lying by his servant. Chorangi Nath

was deeply moved by his plight and said, “Go and see the bags.

You will find them containing Khaand instead of salt and you will

earn huge profit as well.” When Banj ara came back he found the

bags full of Khaand instead of salt. He also made huge profit out

of it. Seeing this, he was ecstatic. The Banjara made a temple

there which still exists in the Ashram.

Chorangi Nath sat in meditation in the Ashram for twelve years.

Before going in for penance, he had deputed his disciples to

guard him. When he completed his tenure of twelve years in

meditaion, he saw that all his disciples were emaciated.This hurt

him very much. Chorangi Nath enquired of them the reason

for their frailty. The disciples said, “We used to go for alms in

the nearby town. We were given the rotten and decayed food

in alms.” The town was predominantly inhabited by the Jains.

However, they would give better food to their saints. This affected

their health adversely. Chorangi Nath was too distraught by their

discriminatory treatment. He caused the whole town to destroy

by his mystic power . The whole town was in ruin in no time.

Only the Brahmin woman could save herself from this calamity.

She was forewarned of the impending disaster. This Brahmin

woman provided them with better food. She had left the town

and settled in a place which is known as Pehrawar. The ruined

town got converted in to a mound of earth known as Khokhrakot.

Excavations revealed that this was a big town. Stone images

of Jain religion have been found and these are preserved in the

museum of the math.


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